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Natur+ Wiesenmatten
Creating realistic meadows in just a few steps
The Natur+ Mini Mats are first cut into the desired shape with scissors. Then coat the base with NOCH Grass Glue. The Natur+ Mini Mat can now easily be glued into the scene.
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The perfect track bed in just a few steps
In order to create a perfect track bed, we recommend that you first use NOCH Cork Track Beds as a track underlay. The Cork Track Beds not only have a sound-absorbing effect but also bring off the look
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Perfekt-Set Rechts & links der Gleise
Creating the perfect railway embankment in just a few steps
To create the perfect railway track environment, it’s best to take it step by step.Start with our Foliage. With it, you can design groundcover, weeds and vegetation along the railway embankment.
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Verarbeitung der Foliagen
Easily create naturalistic landscapes
To start off, the size of the Foliage sheets is adjusted. To do this, you simply split them into the desired dimensions by hand. In the second step, the Foliage sheets are shaped. Due to the highly fl
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Anwendung Knitterfelsen
Create custom rocks through simple wrinkling
In the first step, the Wrinkle Rocks are cut into the right size and then wrinkled up, creased and crumpled. This creates a very malleable, three-dimensional rock structure. The rock parts are now bui
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Bruchsteinviadukt gebogen
This is how you design custom bridges for your layout
The Straight Quarrystone Viaduct, the Curved Quarrystone Viaduct and the Rhône Viaduct can be ideally combined with one another. The bridge elements can be joined with any adhesive – even a solvent-ba
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This is how you ensure a stable substructure
NOCH Modelling Plaster Cloth is ideal for stabilising your mountain substructure made of Landscaping Aluminium Wire Mesh. For this purpose, the Modelling Plaster Cloth is first cut into 15 to 20 cm lo
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Perfekt-Set Winter-Landschaft
Conjure up the perfect winter landscape with simple tricks
Snow mounds and snowdrifts belong on every winter landscape. You can easily model these with the Snow Paste. A fluffy blanket of snow can then be created with the Snow Glue, the Puffer Bottle and the
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Perfekt-Set See
This is how you create the perfect lake
First of all, the Water-Drops® are melted in the oven and poured into the prepared lakebed. After the lake has cooled down, you can also apply Waves & Billows to the surface with a putty knif
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